Graham House (On the Rocks With Arthur Erickson) Architectural Vignettes (18)
These sculptures have a very European or South American flavour. Some are rendered as you might see them walking down a cobbled stone street, while others are rendered as you might see them walking down a cobbled street stoned. Either way....enjoy!!
  Jeff's Buzzcuts <br>(Private Commission) Architectural Portraits (25)
A selection of custom made Architectural Portraits created for some of my clients birthdays, weddings, wedding anniversaries and retirements.
  Old Man Cates Ship Shapes & Airplanes (15)
Made From Flotsam & Jetsam.

These vessels are made of recycled and reclaimed materials. You will recognize some things and be stymied by others. Whatever is used, it works to give the flavour and feel of a fine vessel.
  Cafe Muchos Gracias Paintings (3)
Yup, the name says it all. I paint in water colour and seem to be drawn to Architectural elements.
  Crow Bar Bits & Pieces - Sculptures (5)
These pieces are randomly selected to appear on the site to give you an idea as to what kinds of things pop into my head and HAVE to be made.
  Garden Fairy Doors <br>$20-$55 Garden Fairy Doors (1)
These Garden Fairy Doors add a touch of whimsy to your garden or interior plantings. Made from Canadian red cedar, they will weather very well.