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Graham House (On the Rocks With Arthur Erickson)
Jeff's Buzzcuts <br>(Private Commission)
Old Man Cates
Cafe Muchos Gracias
Crow Bar
Garden Fairy Doors <br>$20-$55

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Graham R. Eagle

Graham   R. Eagle Picture
Phone Number: 778-628-5072

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Get to Know
The Artist:
Award winning North Vancouver artist Graham Eagle gave up the glamour and excitement of Architecture to become a full time artist in 1994. His work includes wood sculpture, watercolour painting and photography and can be found in private and corporate collections literally throughout the world, even Ladner.

Graham's View:
My razor sharp wit and keen insight into the human psyche are fused with my instinctive role of 'hunter-gatherer' to create a multitudinous array of "objets d' folk art". A plethora of reclaimed materials fished from the waste stream are literally my "canvas".

The World's View:
Come on, folks. Let's call a spade a shovel. This guy's an eccentric packrat with a wandering mind and too much spare time on his hands. How else could he come up with all these absurd creations. And he thinks he's sooo clever making this stuff out of somebody's rotten old fence boards!

Where to Find
The Artist:
Please feel free to call or eeeeee-mail to discuss what you would like to have made for that special someone.
604-986-8649 ~
(click CONTACT on the side bar)
My Studio is in North Vancouver, BC

The Artist
Brags a Bit:

2005 - City of North Vancouver "Creative Birdhouse Competition for Kingsmill Walk"
Gold Award - $650.00 Prize
2002 - Seymour Art Gallery - "BCAA Travel" Honourable Mention
2000 - Seymour Art Gallery - "Frameworks" Award
1999 - North Shore Arts Commission FANS Award - $1,000 Prize
1998 -"We're For the Birds" - Birdhouse Building Competition.
Awarded - Best in Show, People's Choice & Most Whimsical
1997 - Bonnyville Birdhouse Building Competition - $500 Prize

Broadcasts and Publications:

HGTV's hit show "That's Clever"
A show featuring artists creating their works.
Numerous Articles in the North Shore News & Arts Alive Magazine - North Vancouver, B.C
2 interviews on CBC Radio's "Vicki Gabeareau Show"
2 interviews on VTV's "Vancouver Breakfast" Show

Gallery Exhibits:
  • Canadian Craft Museum, Vancouver, BC
  • CityScape Gallery, North Vancouver, BC
  • Crafthouse Gallery, Vancouver, BC
  • Circle Craft Gallery, Vancouver, BC
  • Ferry Building Gallery, W. Vancouver, BC
  • Maple Ridge Art Gallery, Maple Ridge, BC
  • Port Moody Arts Centre, Port Moody, BC
  • Seymour Art Gallery, N. Vancouver, BC
  • Silk Purse Arts Centre, W. Vancouver, BC
  • Surrey Art Gallery, Surrey, BC
  • Pendulum Gallery, Vancouver, BC
  • Vancouver Museum, Vancouver, BC

  • Collections:
    His work can be found in private and corporate collections literally throughout the world.

    Some major clients include:

  • City of North Vancouver
  • City of Port Moody
  • Dick Irwin Group
  • Peller Estates Winery
  • Rennaisance Hotel
  • Royal Bank of Canada
  • Smartseed Fund
  • Troll's Restaurant
  • Vancouver College
  • Westwood Honda

    Oh yeah, and my Mom has one too!!

  • What They're Saying:
    "They sure are made of wood."
    GWB, Washington DC

    "Hey pal, keep away from my wife!!"
    MW, North Vancouver, BC

    "We keep our sculpture in the back of our BEST closet"
    SOB, Vancouver, BC

    "Woooow dude"
    WCB, Vancouver, BC

    "My son is so clever"
    ME, West Vancouver, BC

    Dealing With Stress:
    Graham In Hammock
    Yup...a glass of retsina in the hammock does a world of good.

    Raincoast Salmon Slabs:
    Our robust 1 " Grilling Slab is made from top notch Western Red Cedar and is great for Fish, Meats and Poultry and Vegetables. Soak the slab in water overnight and use on the BBQ or in your oven to provide a juicier, more tasty meal. Partly smoked and partly steamed but 100% delicious, your taste buds will thank you for each tasty morsel ! Can be used 15 - 20 times with proper use and cleaning. Hand crafted on the slopes of the Coast Mountains in beautiful North Vancouver, B.C.
    604-986-8649 ~
    (click CONTACT on the side bar)

    Priced at:
    $15 - 9.5" x 9.5"
    $18 - 12" x 9.5"
    $22 - 14" x 9.5"
    $35 - 22.5" x 9.5"

    A Simple Recipe for Grilling Slab Smoked Salmon or Trout
    - Soak your slab in water overnight or at least 6 hours. The longer you soak your slab, the more uses you will get out of it.
    - Catch 4 to 6 fish steaks or filets from the water or your local market, depending on your skills.
    - Rub a splash of olive oil on the smooth side of your slab, lay down the fish, then spice to taste with your favorite selection of ingredients such as: dill, cajun, herbs, salt and pepper or pre-mixed fish spices. Let your imagination go wild!!
    - Place on pre-heated BBQ grid at medium temperature (or in an oven at 350 or so)
    - Close the lid of your BBQ (or oven) and monitor for 15 to 20 minutes. Times vary greatly!! NOTE: The Slab will start to smolder and smoke will fill the inside of your BBQ. Do not panic! This is supposed to happen! Keep a spray bottle of water nearby to quell any big flare-ups. DO NOT LEAVE THE BBQ UNATTENDED.
    - You are ready to enjoy your catch once the flesh is flaky, depending on your preference.
    - To clean, scrape off any solids and scrub with generous amounts of lemon juice and salt. Let it air dry and store in an open plastic bag or re-soak it and keep it in the freezer so it's always ready to go)
    - Now that you're an expert, try some other delicacies on your slab!! (Google "grilling plank recipe" for more)


    Ha ha.....made ya look!!

    Get back to the artwork, you pervert!!

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