Get to Know
The Artist:

Award winning North Vancouver artist Graham Eagle gave up the glamour and excitement of Architecture to become a full time artist in 1994. His work includes wood sculpture, watercolour painting and photography and can be found in private and corporate collections literally throughout the world, even Ladner.

Graham's View:
My razor sharp wit and keen insight into the human psyche are fused with my instinctive role of 'hunter-gatherer' to create a multitudinous array of "objets d' folk art". A plethora of reclaimed materials fished from the waste stream are literally my "canvas".

The World's View:
Come on, folks. Let's call a spade a shovel. This guy's an eccentric packrat with a wandering mind and too much spare time on his hands. How else could he come up with all these absurd creations. And he thinks he's sooo clever making this stuff out of somebody's rotten old fence boards!